ICI has produced multiple training materials to help practitioners and actors raise awareness of forced labour in an effective and professional manner. 

Awareness-raising picture box on forced labour

This picture box is a practical training tool intended for facilitators raising awareness on the issue of forced labour of adults and children. With images or drawings representing certain local economic and social practices occurring in communities, this picture box gives facilitators a better understanding of the issues. The picture box addresses six mayor topics:

  1. Communities' perception of forced labour
  2. Definition of forced labour 
  3. Risk factors of forced labour 
  4. Consequences of forced labour 
  5. Workers' behaviors
  6. General good practices 

If you would like to print this picture box and need the PDF print version, please contact us.

Forced labour awareness-raising animation 

This short awareness-raising animation explores the topic of forced labour. Unfortunately, forced labour is a real problem in many regions of the world today affecting many agricultural sectors, including those in Sub-Saharan Africa. In cocoa, while it has been documented to be quite rare and localised, it is still a potential risk that needs to be addressed. This film is designed to broaden the understanding of what constitutes forced labour, what its indicators are, what factors can exacerbate its risk and what can be done to address and prevent identified cases.

If you would like access to the video files in English or French please contact us. This film should only be used to raise awareness of forced labour and should not be used for money-making purposes. No edits can be made to the films and ICI should be clearly referenced when they are used.

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.