Our Vision

Our vision is of thriving cocoa-growing communities within a dignified, sustainable and responsibly managed cocoa supply chain, where child rights and human rights are protected and respected, and where child labour and forced labour have been eliminated.

Our Mission

We work together with our members and partners to improve the lives of children and adults at risk of child labour and forced labour in cocoa-growing communities. We innovate, catalyse and support the development, implementation and scale-up of effective policies and practices that promote child rights and that prevent or remediate child labour and forced labour.

We are committed to contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in particular supporting the fulfilment of SDG 8.7 (the eradication of child labour and forced labour), in addition to the advancement of the United Nations Guiding Principles for Human Rights in business (UNGPs) in the cocoa sector.

Our Strategy

Our 2021-2026 strategy lays out a vision of supporting cocoa communities to thrive through the advancement of children’s and workers’ rights. Our new approach aims to catalyse the scale-up of prevention and remediation systems to reach all children and adults at risk of child or forced labour. Our strategic objectives aim to contribute to the creation of three key pillars that are essential to achieving this goal:

  • Responsible supply chains built on systems and services that responsibly and transparently prevent and remediate child labour and forced labour across the entire cocoa supply chain.
  • A supportive enabling environment with local, national and international policies and laws, that inspire, motivate and obligate progress, from human rights due diligence legislation in cocoa-consuming countries, to policies that continue to advance access to quality education and social protection in cocoa-producing countries.
  • Coordinated approaches to support collaboration, alignment and accountability across the cocoa and chocolate industry, civil society, governments, and donors to maximise their collective impact.

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