This project aims to improve the resilience of cocoa-farming families and communities against potential future shocks.

The Covid-19 pandemic had negative impacts on child labour around the world. It also underlined the precarious nature of cocoa-growing communities, where the period saw child labour rates increase. To prevent this from happening in the future, the resilience of cocoa-growing households needs to be strengthened, so they are better able to adapt to potential future shocks.

Through this project with the Jacobs Foundation, ICI aims to identify innovative ways to tackle child labour. It will focus both on the drivers of child labour (such as poverty and lack of awareness of the dangers of child labour), while also strengthening the resilience of children and their families in the face of future shocks. To this end, ICI will pilot two activities within existing supply-chain and community-based child protection systems, while monitoring their effectiveness in parallel, to inform whether these pilot approaches should be implemented more widely.

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Project Date
October 2020 - April 2023