Child labour is a complex issue. But solutions to tackle it do exist.

Eliminating child labour requires a comprehensive and coordinated response from the entire cocoa sector. Industry stakeholders, government, civil society actors, international and donor organizations, cocoa cooperatives and producers all have a role to play.

illustration: a girl and a boy next to a cocoa tree

Since 2007, together with our partners, we have tested numerous approaches to address child labour, while empowering farming communities and increasing child protection. This series of pages presents some of the activities we’ve seen make a real and positive impact.


Raising awareness 

Raising awareness about child labour and its dangers and consequences  is often an important first step to tackling child labour. Through awareness-raising sessions, parents can understand the difference between permissible light work, which can teach children valuable skills, and hazardous work, which can harm their development. Learn more about awareness raising here.


Providing quality education

Evidence suggests that child labour is lower in communities where the quality of education available is higher. Interventions that help increase school enrolment, attendance, and the overall quality of education are vital. Education supports children’s development, improves their overall welfare, and can open opportunities in the future. Learn more about how quality education can help tackle child labour here.


Developing youth skills

Older children can be at greater risk of child labour, particularly those who have dropped out of school. These children may not want to continue in the regular education system or may not be able to do so. Apprenticeship opportunities can provide an alternative way of learning that reduces the risk of them becoming involved in child labour and creates opportunities for them to provide for themselves once they become adults. Learn more about how developing youth skills can tackle child labour here.


Advancing gender equality

Promoting gender equality is crucial to tackling child labour and increasing child protection. Advancing women's economic empowerment, encouraging their participation in household decision-making, and involving them in systems that aim to tackle child labour all contribute to increasing child protection and help reduce child labour rates. Learn more about how advancing gender equality can contribute to tackling child labour here.

Together with our members and partners, we work to implement and scale-up these interventions that address child labour and promote child rights. Learn more about our work below.