ICI has produced a short animation series, 'Kweku and the Bird', to support awareness raising of child labour and existing solutions. 

“Kweku and the bird” is a 4-part 3D-animation series developed by the International Cocoa Initiative for use during child labour awareness-raising sessions. The four episodes show the adventures of 12-year-old Kweku, the son of a cocoa farmer. They show the difference between dangerous work and light tasks for children, the importance of education, the key role of women and revenue increase in child protection, and the social significance of communities. Watch the trailer here or view all four episodes below. These films are also available in Twi.

Download the child labour awareness-raising guide. If you would like access to the video files in English or Twi please contact us. These films should only be used to raise awareness of child labour and should not be used for money-making purposes. No edits can be made to the films and ICI should be clearly referenced when they are used.

Episode 1: Protecting children from dangerous work

Episode 2: Protecting children from dangerous work



Episode 3: The role of women and economic activities

Episode 4: The community plays a key role

Episode 1: Sukuu ɛbo ŋkɔlaa hɔ bayi (Twi)

Episode 2: Sɛniaa sukuu ma ɛkuafoɔ ɛdi mu (Twi)

Episode 3: Akwan aaa ɛmaa ni ŋjumaa ɛdi ŋfasoɔ ba edi (Twi)

Episode 4: Mpataamu jumadiɛ yɛ soroko (Twi)