At ICI, we are driven by our core values which guides us in all our work.

We strive to uphold our core values in all our work with our members, partners, and as a team in all our efforts to tackle child labour and forced labour in the cocoa sector. Our Child Safeguarding Policy lies at the heart of our daily actions.



We believe that ICI’s responsibility is to help, protect and serve those who are in need, particularly by putting the best interests of vulnerable children and their families at the heart of our interventions, as well as by promoting and upholding fairness, justice and dignity, both inside and outside of ICI.


We believe that durable, scalable and impactful solutions depend on dialogue, collaboration, joint learning and coordinated, collective action. We promote a vision of shared responsibility, where everyone deriving revenue, profit or pleasure from cocoa or chocolate works together and contributes to a more dignified and sustainable supply-chain.



We uphold the highest standards of honesty, accountability, and transparency in all aspects of our work. We are committed to exercising and demonstrating an appropriate, efficient and rational use of resources for the maximum impact possible.


We encourage creative thinking, challenging the status-quo, and adapting to new realities. We are results-focused but are also ready to take calculated risks and to learn from failure as well as success. We aim to influence, inspire and lead the way.


We are independent, unbiased, impartial, equitable and inclusive in how we engage with beneficiaries, stakeholders and staff, and in the decisions we make.



Our Child Safeguarding Policy  

ICI expects all children assisted or impacted by its operations to be protected from physical, emotional and psychological harm, and all forms of abuse and exploitation.

ICI has zero-tolerance for all forms of child neglect, abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, and psychological) and exploitation (sexual and commercial).

ICI commits to put the best interest of the child first, and at the centre of its work, irrespective of a child’s ability, ethnicity, faith, gender, sexuality and culture.

ICI recognizes its responsibility to ensure and to promote a safe and secure environment for children. To effectively manage risks to children, ICI requires the commitment, support and cooperation of all staff, associates, partners, suppliers, service-providers and visitors.