The Protective Cocoa Community Framework (PCCF) is a community assessment tool.

Developed by the International Cocoa Initiative, the PCCF measures key indicators such as community development, community empowerment, education, child protection, gender, and livelihoods.

Principally, the tool was developed to:

  • Assess the situation and needs in cocoa-growing communities
  • Target the most vulnerable communities for support
  • Inform the design of programmes and interventions
  • Monitor changes in communities over time

Using participatory approaches, the PCCF helps many stakeholders to understand the situation, needs and priorities of adults and children in cocoa-growing communities in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

Learn more about ICI’s Community Assessment Tool and how it works.

Using the Protective Cocoa Community Framework to understand child labour risk

As well as giving a picture of a community’s overall development needs, the PCCF tool collects valuable information that can be used to predict a community’s risk of child labour.

Read more about understanding community child labour risk using the PCCF.


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Protective Cocoa Community Framework (PCCF)

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Le Cadre pour des Communautés Cacaoyères Protectrices (CCCP)