Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Systems (CLMRS) are used to identify children who are in child labour, at risk of child labour or suffering other violations of their rights. Once identified, the next step is to provide tailored support.

This operational tool developed by ICI has been created to :

  • Help prioritise which children should receive support
  • Identify the type of support to be provided.

The tool consists of simple logic diagrams that guide decision-making and help plan prevention and remediation activities.

It can be used to :

  1. To guide system set-up and implementation, by defining the frequency of observation, support and follow-up visits.
  2. To support remediation planning, using the flowcharts to identify appropriate support for children, their families and communities.

See the tool: Selecting support to prevent and remedy child labour in a CLMRS

Selecting support to prevent and remediate child labour

Selecting support to prevent and remediate child labour (EN)

Prioritisation and remediation flow chart_2022 FR

Sélection d’un soutien pour prévenir le travail des enfants et y remédier dans un SSRTE (FR)