In 2021, ICI and its members introduced new reporting responsibilities, to support the drive for rigour and transparency in the sector, to recognize efforts currently being made and to motivate further action. Under this agreement, ICI members report details of activities underway to tackle child labour and forced labour in cocoa, such as the coverage of CLMRS or equivalent systems, the number of children found in child labour, the support being provided, and the work being done to strengthen local and national systems in cocoa-producing countries.

The following results are from the reporting season October 2021 – September 2022. They are aggregate figures and reflect the collective efforts of ICI members to date (please see the full list of ICI members here). Please note, this selection of figures may not reflect all efforts made by ICI members to tackle child labour and forced labour (other projects may be underway that are not captured in this reporting exercise). Furthermore, these figures should not be taken as a reflection of the work of the sector as a whole, as they do not include data from organizations that are not part of ICI (or are not supplying an ICI member).