The difference between light work, child work and hazardous child work depends on several factors: the age of the child, the nature and duration of the work undertaken, and the working conditions.

This flowchart can be used to support the analysis of data collected on child labour, through a child labour prevalence survey or a child labour monitoring questionnaire, to determine whether a child should be considered to be engaged in light (authorised) work, child labour or hazardous child labour.

All definitions are aligned with the latest legislation in the Côte d'Ivoire National Framework of Hazardous Activities: Ivorian Decree N°2017-016 and 017 MEPS/CAB (2017).

Note that this flowchart is aligned with Côte d'Ivoire legislation, which differs from other countries. For an overview of the minimum working age, working time thresholds and hazardous tasks for Ghana and Cameroon, see: ICI's comparative analysis of hazardous work legislation in Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Cameroon.

Child labour, hazardous child labour - definitions

Child labour definition flow chart - CIV_EN

Travail des enfants, travail dangereux des enfants - définitions

Child labour definition flow chart - CIV_FR