This report documents results and learning from a pilot project to set up Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Systems in 24 communities in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana.

With the aim of increasing cost-effectiveness and sustainability of these systems and increasing the participation of national services in their implementation, the pilot tested two adaptations:

  • The pilot used trained and remunerated community committees to conduct awareness-raising and follow-up visits
  • The pilot aimed to provide support by referring child labour cases to national services

Results show that paid community structures were able to effectively conduct monitoring activities, with similar coverage and identification rates to those found in supply-chain systems. However, the referral of cases to national services for support was more challenging. While some national systems and services showed willingness to provide support to cases referred, they lacked resources to provide appropriate material support or service delivery.

Cover - community based CLMRS and referral

CLMRS using community monitors and referral

Rapport - SSRTE au niveau communautaire et référencement

SSRTE au niveau communautaire et référencement des cas