Global trader of agri-food, feed and fiber, Vink Corporation, has joined ICI as a member with a view to implementing targeted activities to tackle child labor and forced labor in cocoa, engaging in industry dialogue and keeping up to date with the latest innovations and best practices, in particular through its sister company Fludor.

Vink Corporation is part of TGI Group and operates in Ghana through its sister company, Fludor Ghana Limited (Fludor), a Licensed Buying Company and one of the leading agribusinesses in the country focusing on cocoa, cashew and soyabeans. Similarly, Vink’s sister company in Nigeria, WACOT Limited, is involved in sourcing of cocoa and other agricultural commodities, which are then supplied to Vink Corporation

Vink supports ICI’s vision of thriving cocoa-growing communities within a responsibly managed cocoa supply chain, where child rights are protected, and human rights are respected.

In 2023, Fludor introduced its own sustainability program to formalize, solidify and accelerate its sustainability efforts. According to the company, cooperation with ICI will help strengthen its commitment to human rights and sustainability as well as enhance its ability to identify, address, and monitor child labor cases in its supply chain.

“Fludor wants to be at the forefront of the key industry developments and among the first cocoa suppliers to engage in bilateral projects addressing forced labor and safeguarding a more responsibly managed supply chain for farmers and its clients,” explained Maria Christodoulou, Head of Sustainability at Fludor Ghana Limited and WACOT Limited, divisions of the TGI Group.

The ICI is pleased to welcome Vink, and its sister companies Fludor and WACOT, to its membership.

“As a Ghana-based licensed buyer with an extensive farmer network and cocoa operations in 70 cocoa districts across 5 cocoa regions, this partnership with Fludor brings us one step closer to achieving our target to reach all children at risk of child labor. We look forward to supporting their efforts to tackle child labour and learning from their experiences,” said Matthias Lange, ICI Executive Director.