Touton, a member of the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI), has recently published its 2021/22 Sustainability Report. The report presents the company’s engagement to build sustainable value chains.   

Key report highlights include:  

  • Completing a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment to define its roadmap, compatible with the 1.5 degrees Paris trajectory; embedding digital mapping and agroforestry into every supply chain  

  • Setting up traceable and certified multicommodity supply chains to facilitate income diversification  

  • Recording constant progression for sustainable volume sourcing thanks to a stronger collaboration with all its supply chain actors and efforts to ensure products’ quality (ISO 9001, FSCC 22000, etc.)  

  • Strengthening the reliability of its value chains by training and monitoring employees and suppliers for responsible practices and ethics.  

At ICI, we are pleased to see Touton continue to take action against child labour in its supply chain through its initiatives and programmes. We look forward to continuing to support Touton’s projects to tackle child labour in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.   

View the report here.