Nestlé, a member of the International Cocoa Initiative, has launched a Human Rights Framework and Roadmap, charting the company’s efforts to address issues such as child labour in its supply chains.

The document explores the history of Nestlé’s human rights initiatives, through actions such as the implementation of Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Systems (CLMRS) in its cocoa supply chain. In tandem, it details the future steps the company will take to implement due diligence to assess, address and report on human rights issues throughout its operations.

At ICI, we are pleased to see Nestlé reporting on its efforts to address human rights issues and set out a plan to continue progress into the future. We look forward to continuing to work with Nestlé as we scale up effective solutions such as CLMRS in the cocoa supply chain.

Read Nestlé’s Human Rights Framework and Roadmap