Kellanova, the global snacking, international cereal and noodles, and North America frozen foods company, has joined ICI as a contributing partner. 

The company, which is headquartered in the US and markets foods in over 180 countries, has joined the organisation in order to exchange best practice on responsible sourcing and tackling child labour in cocoa, it explained.  

“As part of our Kellanova Better Days Promise, we’re committed to advancing the wellbeing of people in our food value chain, from farming communities to processors,” said Janelle Meyers, Chief Sustainability Officer, Kellanova. “We’re also committed to building resilient global supply chains by responsibly sourcing 12 of our priority ingredients—one of which is cocoa. We look forward to collaborating with ICI to put in place robust policies and systems that will help us further the work we’ve already done in this area.”  

For ICI Executive Director, Matthias Lange, having Kellanova on board is a positive step forward and highlights the increased recognition of the importance of tackling the human rights risks inherent in the cocoa supply chain.  

“We are very pleased to welcome Kellanova to ICI and look forward to supporting them on their cocoa sourcing policies and practices, ultimately helping to improve the lives of cocoa-growing communities they are sourcing from in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire,” he said.  

Kellanova is committed to responsibly sourcing its top priority ingredients in ways that are environmentally, socially, and economically responsible. While it procures a very small percentage of the global cocoa supply, it is committed to continuous improvement, expanding and evolving its sourcing program as it works toward achieving 100% responsibly-sourced cocoa. It incorporates best practices and guidance with its suppliers, collaborative industry organisations, and third parties.