The Union of Kimbê Cooperative Societies- ECOOKIM COOP CA, an interregional union of cooperatives, has just joined ICI as a member. The union, created in August 2004 with 4 cooperatives, has evolved quickly and is now comprised of about 30 cooperatives and over 37,000 farmers. These cooperatives are spread throughout Côte d’Ivoire. 

Since its creation, ECOOKIM COOP CA has been a cooperative union known for promoting sustainable development and the professionalisation of its members and affiliated farmers. Its vision is to offer the farmers working in its cooperatives, as well as their families and communities, better living conditions and community socio-economic actions, thanks to a quality production likely to favour access to the best market.  

The International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) is the leading organisation in the fight against child labour and forced labour in the cocoa-producing areas of Côte d'Ivoire, and ECOOKIM COOP CA’s vision is in line with that of ICI. This is why, according to Mr. Bamba Mamadou Adama, Managing Director of ECOOKIM COOP CA, "this union wished to work with ICI and other actors in the cocoa value chain to create a sustainable source of supply that respects human rights and the environment, while guaranteeing decent incomes for its members.” 

"ECOOKIM is an important union of cooperatives whose membership will allow us to reach a larger number of farmers in our work for child protection in cocoa communities. We are happy to welcome them as a member and to work with them to improve the living conditions of farmers and their families. I am also particularly pleased to have a cooperative union as a member of ICI", said Matthias Lange, Executive Director of ICI.