Ivorian cocoa-processing company TRANSCAO-CI has joined the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) as a member as part of its commitment to sustainability, and its efforts to guarantee responsible, environmentally friendly and socially equitable cocoa production. 

The company was established in 2019 with the aim of driving local cocoa processing and thereby adding value to cocoa production in Côte d'Ivoire. It maintains close relations with local producers, which it believes helps ensure the good quality of its product. 

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the protection of human rights and in particular those of children, the company joins ICI with the aim of working jointly on child and forced labour.  The company is determined to create an environment where children's rights are respected, and where child labour and forced labour have no place.

“Our aim is to put in place concrete initiatives to ensure that every stage of our supply chain is free from child and forced labour,” said Mr COULIBALY Konan Théodore, Director General of TRANSCAO-CI. “We firmly believe that this approach will not only help improve the living conditions of children and workers, but also strengthen the sustainability of our entire sector,” he added. 

ICI Executive Director, Matthias Lange, welcomes the new member, “We are happy to be working with TRANSCAO-CI. We welcome their commitment, and believe it is particularly important to collaborate with companies based in cocoa producing countries to foster sustainability within the sector.”