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Ghana Child Labour Monitoring System (GCLMS)

The Government of Ghana's Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare presents its Child Labour Monitoring System, developed as a means to implement the National Action Plan. Download the document here. Read More

Ghana National Plan of Action for the Elimination of Child Labour (2009 - 2015)

Child labour, especially its worst forms, constitutes blight on the development of every country as children are a nation’s most valuable asset and its human resource base. Child labour is at the core of deep poverty in developing countries. It is furthermore, a... Read More

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Ghana Living Standards Survey: Round Six

The Ghana Statistical Service has been conducting the Ghana Living Standards Survey since 1987 to monitor the impact of policies and programmes on the welfare of the Ghanaian population. The sixth round of the Survey included a Labour Force Module and focuses on... Read More


Ghana Child Protection Baseline Research Report

In 2014 the Child Protection Baseline Study was undertaken in Ghana to inform the development of a new Child Protection Policy framework and to gain a deeper understanding of the scope and breadth of the protection needs of children. Download the report here. Read More


Cocoa Labour Study in Ghana (2007/2008)

In 2006 the government of Ghana established the National Programme for the Elimination of Worst Forms of Child Labour in Cocoa. The 2007 survey aimed to identify sources, types and periods of labour needs in Ghana's cocoa production; to document cases of the unc... Read More

Pilot Labour Survey in Cocoa Production in Ghana

In 2006 Ghana's Ministry of Manpower, Youth & Employment in collaboration with COCOBOD, the Ministry of Manpower and Economic Planning and the World Cocoa Foundation undertook a pilot labour survey in cocoa production as a step towards addressing labour issues.... Read More

Hazardous Child Labour Activity Framework for the Cocoa Sector in Ghana

This document gives a brief background of child labour in cocoa in Ghana before describing the development of the Hazardous Child Labour Activity Framework for the cocoa sector. Download the document here.  Read More

Ghana Child Labour Survey

This document presents Ghana's first nationwide survey specifically designed to collect information on the various aspects of child labour within the country. Download the report here. Read More