About the Community

JeanKouamékro is a community in the territory of Logboville on the traffic axis Soubré Buyo. It is situated 65 km from Soubré and belongs to the sub-prefecture Buyo (department of the Nawa Region).

There is an estimated population of 1,522 within the Ivorian community of Jeankouamekro. The community has a kindergarten and a primary school.

  • It is 15km to the closest primary health centre from Jeankouamekro.
  • There is a safe water point within the vicinity of the community.
Actions by ICI

ICI began implementing activities in this community in February 2015. The following activities have been implemented:

  • Establishment of Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC), equipped with a megaphone, bikes, a set of awareness-raising posters and a motorized tricycle
  • Establishment of Women’s Group, equipped with a plot for growing manioc and a plot for growing corn – additionally, the women lead a non-agricultural Income Generating Activity (IGA) by rasping and pressing cassava
  • Establishment of a Community Service Group (CSG), equipped with boots, machetes, files, a protective suit, gloves, protective glasses, a sprayer and a face mask

After the establishment of these community structures and committees, the community members were trained on the worst forms of child labour (WFCL) and a Community Action Plan (CAP) was developed.

Partnering with
Actions by ICI

Sylvain Kouakou Konan: "Our community’s dream and mine today is to see the school expand, to build the three classrooms, to find more teachers appointed by the State, with decent housing."

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