About the Community

Before ICI’s intervention there was no safe drinking water in the community of Achiachen. After the construction of a new well and water tank however, children no longer have to travel long distances to fetch water before school.

Achiachen is a community in the Sewfi Wiawso district of Ghana with a population of 1,375, with 767 children. The community has a kindergarten, primary school and a junior high school.

  • Achiachen does not have a primary health centre. The closest is 3 km away.
Actions by ICI
  • Establishment and training of Community Child Protection Committees (CCPCs). A CAP (Community Action Plan) has been established.
  • Strengthening of the School Management Committee (SMC)
Actions by ICI
Borehole and water tank
Classrooms built
  • The CCPC monitors children’s engagement in hazardous activities (which have reduced) and conducts awareness raising activities in the community.
  • 63 children now have access to classrooms for effective teaching and learning – no longer disrupted by rains, scorching sunshine and passers-by.
  • The community now has access to safe drinking water and children do not cover long distances to fetch water before going to school.